This is the proposed agenda for our next training visit. Times are subject to change, however the training will be 4 hours in duration.

0900- 1000 - Brenda Presents Clinical Lab to Group
Brenda will provide a demonstration of her clinical lab and explain her objectives for the initial roll out of the MEDITECH project in her curriculum.

1000-1030 - Discussion of Clinical Lab and Proposition of options in MEDITECH
Laura will discuss with the team options of how we can translate Brenda's training into the MEDITECH system. Laura will then be prepared for the next training to show the Northeastern team what she built for them, in the MEDITECH system, to use with their curriculum.

1030-1100 - Detailed PCS Demonstration
Concentrating on the functionality Northeastern would like to use for their curriculum. This will be a more detailed review of what they have seen from the last demonstration specifically related to Patient Care Systems (Nursing).

1100-1145 - Hands on Training
The team will work with Laura on some hands on exercises. The team should all be prepared with laptops and the exercises posted on the Training Materials page.
Objective is to become aquainted to the system. User sign on names and pins will be distributed.

1145-1200 - Mark will discuss Wiki

** Training for the team is complete

1200-1230 - Mark and Laura Training
Laura will spend time with Mark showing how to build User Access and Menus in the MEDITECH system.

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