Project Members


Janet Briand-McGowan (ude.uen|nawogcm-dnairb.j#ude.uen|nawogcm-dnairb.j) - Clinical Instructor/Program Coordinator, Bouvé
Brenda Douglas (ude.uen|salguod.b#ude.uen|salguod.b - Clinical Instructor, Bouvé
Patricia Kiladis (ude.uen|sidaliK.P#ude.uen|sidaliK.P) - Clinical Instructor, Bouvé
Valeria Ramdin (ude.uen|nidmar.v#ude.uen|nidmar.v) - Clinical Instructor, Bouvé
Lea Ann Matura (ude.uen|arutaM.L#ude.uen|arutaM.L) - Assistant Professor, Bouvé
Catherine O’Connor (c.o'ude.uen|ronnoc#ude.uen|ronnoc) - Clinical Instructor, Bouvé
Susan Roberts (ude.uen|streboR.S#ude.uen|streboR.S) - Graduate Program Director and Interim Dean, Bouvé
Marge Benham-Hutchins (ude.uen|snihctuHmahneB.M#ude.uen|snihctuHmahneB.M) - Assistant Professor, Bouvé
Isabel Cunha-Vasconcelos <ude.uen|solecnocsav-ahnuc.i#ude.uen|solecnocsav-ahnuc.i) - Senior Corporate & Foundations Relations Officer, Bouvé
Stephen Zoloth (ude.uen|htoloz.s#ude.uen|htoloz.s) - Dean, Bouvé
Mark Staples (ude.uen|selpats.m#ude.uen|selpats.m) - Director, Information Services


Hoda Sayed-Friel (moc.hcetidem|leirfdeyash#moc.hcetidem|leirfdeyash) - Senior Corporate & Foundations Relations Officer
Ted Kimball (moc.hcetidem|llabmikt#moc.hcetidem|llabmikt) - Senior Manager Marketing Technology
Robert Famiglietti (moc.hcetidem|itteilgimafr#moc.hcetidem|itteilgimafr) - Manager Marketing Technology
Cathy Turner (moc.hcetidem|renrutc#moc.hcetidem|renrutc)
Laura Spurr (moc.hcetidem|rrupsl#moc.hcetidem|rrupsl)
Carolyn Rannacher (moc.hcetidem|rehcannarc#moc.hcetidem|rehcannarc)

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