Milestones and Deliverables
Task/Milestone Estimated Date Status Comments
Install Servers (total 9) Completed Includes setting up storage and authentication methodology.
Install Loaner VPN appliance Completed
Replace Loaner VPN appliance Completed
Installation of Meditech Software 9/7/2009 Completed
Client test 11/15/2009
Meditech Training 12/1/2009
Application Administration Training 1/15/2010
Identify “Steering Team” 9/20/2009 This would be a cross section of folks from different areas of Bouvé and Health Informatics.
Northeastern Meditech Website created 1/15/2010 Project website with information, mission, and resource information.
Meditech Overview TBD Demo of the system to Health Informatics and Bouvé (e.g. Pharmacy, etc).
End-User Train-the trainer training TBD
Users added to the system TBD
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