October 8 2009

Information Services Academic Advisory Committee
October 8, 2009

Attendees: Will Wakeling (chair), Provost Director, Cynthia Baron, Tony De Ritis, Peter Enrich, Guevara Noubir, Theresa Osypuk, Glenn Pierce, Bruce Russell, Mark Staples, Bob Weir. Apologies: Miriam Leeser.

Key points, actions:
1. The Provost gave indications of the areas of engagement he envisaged for the Committee, subsequent to the realignment of IS’s reporting line into the Provost’s Office. These areas included: to act as a central channel of communication between the academic community and IS; to review the effectiveness of existing services provided by IS; to share information and provide input on the information technology needs of the academic community; to investigate and review both near-term and long-term IT developments relevant to the academic enterprise, and to make proposals for their adoption; to assist IS in prioritizing its activities.

The Committee was not expected to provide oversight of College-based IT initiatives relating to, for example, research computing or labs. The IT and services covered by the scope of the Committee would therefore be primarily anything University-owned but not Department- or Unit-specific in its management. Nor was the Committee expected to adopt an explicit advocacy role on behalf of IS and the funding of IT and services.

The Committee was not charged with producing an annual report; the Provost expected to be kept informed as needed, on a regular basis, via the Chair.
Agreed: that the Chair would draft a charge based on these observations.

2. Weir and Staples outlined the nature of current oversight of IS, including the changing status of the various Faculty Senate oversight committees and the Information Providers groups. The advice of the Committee on matters relating to the services being proffered and developed by IS would be particularly welcomed.

3. Agreed: that Staples would make available to the Committee documents or links to documents detailing IS’s current Strategic Context, its Service Catalog, and information describing the current inventory of IS-managed lab space. Subject to its availability, the Committee would also receive information about the current list of IS projects, as compiled by IS in consultation with the Provost, the University’s senior leadership, and the College Deans, and in so far as it relates to academic-related activity.

4. Agreed: that the Committee would devote time at its next meeting to a review of these documents. Staples would arrange if possible for Beth Ann Sullivan, Director of Project and Service Management in IS, to be available to speak to questions about the Service Catalog.

5. Agreed: that the Committee would devote time as soon as possible to setting its goals for the upcoming year, including identifying a series of topics around which to organize discussions. Examples of such possible topics included: Changing research technology needs; What’s happening with teaching and teaching-related technology; Changing student information behavior; Cloud Computing; Data Services; Educational Technology facilities;

6. Agreed: that the Committee needed to bring together an inventory or survey of college IT activity and needs, to inform overall discussion. One way to facilitate this and ensure consistence would be for the Committee to compile a checklist or set of standard questions, to be applied by Committee representatives at the College level.

7. Agreed: Staples would make proposals for collaborative communication tools to be used by the Committee.

8. Agreed: that the Committee would meet every two weeks for the first few meetings in order to make early progress, and then review its frequency.

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